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Dog Behavior Modification in Jacksonville, Florida

Behavior modification is a systematic process designed to change a bad behavior.

Our Canine Behavior Modification Services

If your dog is exhibiting distressing behaviors, such as jumping, counter surfing, aggression, separation anxiety, potty training issues, fear, digging, possessiveness, and destructive behaviors, he or she will benefit from this training.

Fixing Troublesome Behavior

We determine the why, what, and when that may be triggering the troublesome behavior and apply the best professional techniques available to rehabilitate your dog. Our goal is to resolve it to the extent that your dog won’t require medication to alleviate bad behaviors. We believe that it is possible to retrain your beloved canine, resolve anxiety, and establish positive new habits. Get your dog set up for success with our behavior modification program! We’ve seen many successes at our dog school in Jacksonville.

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