We ask that you only provide a bag of their dog food, a regular flat collar, and an updated vaccination record. We provide everything else.
Please ensure your dog is up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Lepto. (Lepto is becoming more prevalent in Florida but may not be a standard vaccine. Please make sure to request it.) ***We take the health and safety of the dogs very seriously. Please do not go to the veterinarian, dog parks, or any place where your dog will be exposed to other animals for 2 weeks prior to coming in.***  
We ask that you DO NOT bring in a sick dog. If your dog starts showing signs or symptoms, we will call to have your dog picked up until he or she is cleared.
Yes, your dog needs to be on Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventative. If we do see signs of fleas, the dog will be given treatment at the owner's expense.
We recommend a dog at least be 16 weeks old and at least a week out from their 2nd round of puppy shots.
Absolutely NOT! Dogs live in the moment. They do not dwell on the past nor do they worry about the future. Older dogs may have developed bad habits that need to be resolved and Unleash Fido can teach your old dog some new tricks.
Yes! Please ensure the medication is clearly labeled in the original container with the correct amount to be administered.