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As a conscientious pet parent, you want work with a business you trust. Unleash Fido is the company more dog owners in Jacksonville trust to provide the best care and training for their four-legged friends.

Whether you are seeking first-rate dog training or boarding services for your furry friend, Unleash Fido won’t lead you astray. Our educated and experienced team provides loads of love and care, and our facility meets the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. We conduct intake and outtake health and safety checks, which is what you would expect from a dog training company with veterinarian technicians on staff.


We pamper your pooch with “best-in-show” amenities. Your beloved pet will enjoy our Pooch Parlor grooming services, air-conditioned inside playroom with padded flooring, large shaded outdoor area with synthetic turf, and separate play areas for large and small dogs. We make sure your dog is as comfortable and relaxed as possible when in our care.


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Why Choose Us?


Air Conditioned inside playroom with padded flooring to protect against impact.

Large shaded outdoor area w/ synthetic turf

Separate play areas for large & small dogs.

Love and care from our educated and experienced team


Veterinarian Technicians on Staff


In-take/Out-take Health and Safety Check


State-of-the-Art air purification system with UV light Sanitizer


Highest Standards of Cleanliness, Safety, and Care


Pooch Parlor Services


Our Reviews

My dogs are wonderful, but they were not easy to walk or to go anywhere with. They pulled me down the sidewalk, barked at other people and dogs, were all over the place, especially when we went into stores, and jumped on people when they met them. They had no manners. It was embarrassing and dangerous. The youngest dog would shoot out the front door and run after cats or squirrels, even crossing busy roads. He wouldn't come when called. It was all too much. I had heard good things about Unleash Fido from a neighbor who had done bootcamp and another that had done individual training. I made an appointment to see the facility and, after meeting with M@cayla, I decided to send them to boot camp. It was very hard to be apart from them but the difference in their behavior is amazing. I am able to walk with them and go places without them losing their minds. What a pleasure! It really makes me proud and happy to see them flourish. I have gone for several follow-up sessions to help me to be able to reinforce what they have learned. This is been very helpful! Plus the dogs are super excited to be back at the facility and to see M@cayla. She is a very experienced trainer, and her own dogs are nothing short of amazing. The owner, Travis P, has assembled a fantastic team. They really care about all the dogs they are training. That is so important. I highly recommend Unleash Fido. You will be very happy with the results!

- Patricia K.

I absolutely love this place! The experience was life-changing. I have a Belgian Tervuren who had a dangerous hobby of lunging at and chasing cars! Honestly, he chased anything that moved. He was impossible to walk. We were both miserable. After the 5 week training my boy was able to walk with no issues at all! His trainer Kendra was knowledgeable and patient. She send photos and weekly updates. I can't thank Unleash Fido enough. They literally saved my sweet Theo.

- Shanell H.
The crew here knows what they're doing. I dropped my Belgium Malinois pup off at 13 weeks due to having to travel for a few months with work. She did the puppy boot camp and boarding. I'm amazed at how well she's doing… it's incredible. Travis, Macayla, and the crew are top-notch. I look forward to the continued relationship with you guys.

- John L.

Our experience with Unleash Fido could not have been better. We were struggling with our dog’s behavior and had no idea what to do next. After multiple consultations throughout the city we realized Unleash Fido provided an atmosphere that we didn’t see anywhere else. We knew our dog would be cared for and treated well while going through this life changing experience. Sebastian was our dogs trainer and we couldn’t have asked for a better match. He is thorough and knowledgeable and loved our boy like his own. He goes above and beyond what we expected of any training program. We cannot speak highly enough of Sebastian, Unleash Fido, the experience and the results! Thanks for giving our boy a fresh start!

- Gabe Lewis

Unleash Fido is the best money I have ever spent. I have a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd who loves to work and is overall extremely reactive to anything and everything. Walks were impossible and anxiety-provoking. He would lunge and bark at any car/bird/neighbor/dog and almost pull me over. We had tried trainers before and positive reinforcement but nothing seemed to work. McKayla ended up being my dog’s trainer for bootcamp, where he stayed for 5 weeks. I cannot say enough great things about her! She is extremely knowledgeable with working dog breeds. She knew my dog would be a challenge but took it head on. My dog is very attentive to me now and actually listens! Walks are enjoyable and I feel like I have taken some control back. McKayla is friendly and flexible with her schedule. She truly cares about the dogs she trains and wants to make sure the owners feel confident and knowledgeable. I would recommend McKayla and Unleash Fido to anyone and everyone!

- Kathryn Sass

We signed our 7 month old (wild) puppy for the puppy class and advanced off leash obedience. I called unleash fido because he was impossible to take on a walk, he would not walk, play tug of war with the leash and if he ever got away from me I would have to chase him to recover him. This is not my first dog, actually my 7th dog in all my life but he is by far the most stubborn and active dog I’ve ever experienced. In the house he would knock over furniture and run into glass doors, jump up on the counter and nothing I tried was working. I was having major puppy adoption regret. We love him like a child though so I brought my dog in for his evaluation at Unleash Fido and he was all over the room knocking things down and jumping on furniture but they said “we can handle this”. Well 4 weeks later I have a different dog! He listens to me, he performs commands sometimes before I even say them and I LOVE taking him on walks. We have had 2 family training sessions after his month long stay and our now 9 month old pup is now even listening to our seven year old! Unleash Fido was a game changer for us and I no longer feel anxious being around my own dog or out on walks. Macayla was our trainer and she checked in with us weekly, we were provided report cards with pics and videos of his progress, she recently even helped me readjust his collar when I popped into their office on a Sunday morning. Worth the investment and our dog seems happier now, he is proud of himself when we say “good boy” that tails wags and he seems so content! Thank you Unleash Fido and Macayla for all you have done for our boy!

- Kellie Ann Kelleher

Unleash Fido

We invite challenge into our business because that's how we will grow and adapt and continuously provide amazing dog training services in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida. The connection between owner and dog is indescribable and strengthening that relationship will contribute to a lifelong friendship, If you have any questions about dog behavior training in Jacksonville, FL, or Tampa, such as how to get started, give us a call today at (904) 849 - 8007 or fill out our online application for a free consultation. We would have you and your furry friend join our family.


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