Advanced Obedience Dog Training for Your Pooch

As much fun as it is to have a dog, it’s also a huge responsibility. Dogs may be part of the family, but that doesn’t mean that taking care of them is easy. That’s why so many dog owners take their pups to dog obedience training at Unleash Fido, with locations in Tampa and Jacksonville.

However, some people think dog training is a one-time adventure. They bring their dog to Puppy Foundation classes or Basic Obedience training and feel like their dog’s education is complete. But this can potentially be a mistake, as there are many skills that dogs learn in Advanced Obedience dog training at Unleash Fido that can be helpful in making sure you and your dog understand each other better.

Take a look at just some of the benefits of Advanced Obedience dog training.

advanced obedience dog training

Off-Leash Dog Training

One of the most important skills your dog will learn during Advanced Obedience Training is how to behave off-leash. If you’re the type of owner who likes to go on long walks or runs with your dog, off-leash training can make that a more rewarding experience.

Maybe you want off-leash training to make sure you can keep your dog under control when they’re playing with your young children. Or maybe your favorite way to tire out your dog is to go to the dog park. Off-leash training is useful in innumerable ways.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

New dog owners always imagine all the fun tricks they’ll teach their dog to do beyond the obligatory sit and stay. But the tricks your dog can learn in Advanced Obedience Dog Training are much more interesting. These can include classics such as roll over and shake, both of which are fun and can make you feel more connected to your dog.

Advanced Obedience dog training is also great for people who just want to spend more time learning with their furry friend.

Reinforcing Dog Training at Home

Remember that Advanced Obedience dog training requires diligent practice at home as well as in class with an Unleash Fido dog trainer. Dogs often behave differently at home, and they’re testing you to see if you will enforce the new rules.

While it may not be strictly necessary for your dog to learn new tricks, responding quickly to commands off-leash is a matter of safety. Your dog might injure another dog or person, or they might get injured by a car if they run off your property untethered.

Give your dog the best chance at a happy life by enrolling them in Unleash Fido’s Advanced Obedience dog training classes in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida.