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Introducing your Dog to Your New Baby

Having a family grow is something many people look forward to accomplishing, and that many couples choose to bring a child into their lives. The issue can sometimes arise when the family already has a pseudo-child in the form of a dog. As most people feel, a dog is more than just a pet, but […]

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How to Stop Your Dog from Excessive Barking

When it comes to your household, your dog views this as their territory worthy of protecting; this is also true of any of those living in the house. As such, your dog will instinctively warn and try to ward off anyone that comes to close to their home by barking. This issue arises when they […]

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Socializing your Adult Dog

We all know that the younger the dog, the easier it is for socializing them with other people and other dogs. Unfortunately, we are finding this is harder to accomplish as more people are adopting adult shelter dogs. But just because it is harder to achieve, it is not impossible, and there are several tips […]

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Service Dog Training Helps Owners Cope with PTSD

Guide and assistance dog

One in 10 Americans suffers both psychological and biological changes after a traumatic event. Victims of life-threatening events may have trouble sleeping, often because of frightening or disturbing dreams. They may have angry outbursts, detached emotions or a loss of interest in the world around them. In recent years, service dogs have proven themselves successful […]

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Top 3 Benefits of Tracking Doggy Daycare Activity

two dogs playing with a toy together in autumn

Recent years have seen a boom in activity tracking. Founded in May of 2007, FitBit wearable technology has made it easy for dogs’ best friends to be sure they get enough exercise. Now, these types of devices are being made for dogs and owners are embracing the idea. Luckily, pet activity trackers have several advantages […]

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The Top 4 Advantages of Doggy Daycare

Group of dogs playing in the park

Prior to World War II, it was common for our canine companions to live outside, but this changed with the growth of urbanization and population. By the early 1990s, the need for two incomes had sent many pet owners into the workforce and thereby extended the periods of time in which dog owners were away […]

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