Correcting Bad Behavior with Dog Training

Many dogs exhibit undesirable behavior. This can be as benign as climbing on the furniture to as serious as nipping and biting. Whatever undesirable behavior your dog is exhibiting, the longer you wait to address it, the harder it will be to correct. For help, bring your dog to the dog trainers at Unleash Fido, with locations in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida.

dog training

The Importance of Dog Training

If you never brought your dog to a training program, this may have contributed to your inability to control their behavior. If you adopted your dog from a shelter, you have inherited a set of issues that you may never know the details of. The good news is, that with time, patience and the help of the dog trainers at Unleash Fido, you can make progress in getting your dog to behave better.

At Unleash Fido, we offer many types of dog training classes. These include:

If your dog has never had any training, you may want to start them out with Basic Obedience classes and follow up with Advanced Obedience. If your dog is unusually anxious or you want to get more out of each session, consider Private Lessons.

But if your dog has a serious behavior issue that involves aggression, you will likely want to enroll them in a behavior modification program.

Dog Training to Correct Aggression

With aggression issues, behavior modification is basically an emergency. That’s because if your dog hurts another animal or a person, you and your dog could face serious consequences. Whether the problem is one you inherited or one that grew out of your inability to train them on your own, the time is now to correct the problem.

Our dog trainers in our Jacksonville and Tampa locations will show you how to exert dominance over your dog in order to get them to listen and obey you. This is a crucial step, as dogs are pack animals.

If you are afraid of your dog and allow them to indulge in behaviors you dislike such as climbing on furniture, chewing up your possessions and stealing food, you must turn this dynamic around immediately if you want to succeed.

Dog Obedience Training

All too often, dog owners in these situations surrender their dog because they don’t know how to make them behave. This is a sad situation, because many good, lovable dogs go unadopted in Jacksonville and Tampa, so an aggressive dog that exhibits other poor behaviors stands little chance of finding a happy home.

We urge you to take the time now to work with us to teach your dog the behaviors they need to master in order to live happily in your home.

For more information about signing your dog up for obedience training, private lessons or behavior modification, contact our dog trainers at our Jacksonville or Tampa location today.