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Dog Training Services in Jacksonville

You love and care for your dog, to you they are your four-legged baby, and no one can convince you otherwise. Now, with that being the case, your dog will, in turn, behave just like an undisciplined child if they are not adequately trained to know that it is you that is the leader of the pack, and will be almost impossible to control.

But you do not have a background in dog training, and for the most part, do not know what needs doing in order to train your dog properly. That is where we come in; Unleash Fido employees only the best dog trainers in Jacksonville FL.

What Kind of Training Does My Dog Need?

A common enough question asked as it is hard to know where your dog would fit the best. We at Unleash Fido pride ourselves on knowing which class matches which dog, understanding that the same kind, of course, does not work for every dog. Every dog is an individual and will need to be treated as such.

Our Dog Training Courses include:

Puppy Foundation - Helping train your dog at a very pliable age.

Basic and Advanced Obedience - Helping with your dog following your commands. This is distinguished between two levels, as some will require additional training to be the best possible companion.

Doggie Boot Camp - Get your dog the exercise the severely want and deserve.

Private Lessons - A classic one-on-one training so your dog can receive undivided attention.

Behavior Modification - If your dog is exhibiting distressing behavior, we will help bring out the good dog we all know they are.

We at Unleash Fido know that we are the very best when it comes to dog training in Jacksonville FL, and once your dog is a part of our family, you will know it too.

Puppy Foundation

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

Behavior Modification

Doggie Boot Camp

Private Lessons

Boarding & Doggie Daycare