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Advanced Obedience in Jacksonville, Florida

Advanced training builds on basic obedience training with more complicated commands such as off-leash obedience training and trick training.

Our Advanced Dog Obedience Training Services

Many dog owners stop with basic training, only to discover that their beloved canine won’t listen to them when he’s off the leash.

Advanced Obedience Training

Off-leash training creates a happier—and safer—situation for you and your pet. When your dog listens to your command to stay, instead of racing across the street to chase a squirrel, it could mean the difference between life and death. If basic obedience is like elementary school for dogs, advanced dog obedience training is like high school. Both are important. And what dog owner hasn’t dreamed of having their dog perform cute tricks? Advanced dog training includes tricks too. You can rely on us to teach your young or old dog new tricks! Enroll your canine in our Jacksonville dog school today.

dog saluting after advanced obedience training

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