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Advanced Dog Obedience Training in Jacksonville, Florida

Advanced training builds on basic obedience training with more complicated commands such as off-leash obedience training and trick training.

Our Advanced Dog Obedience Training Services

Many dog owners stop with basic training, only to discover that their beloved canine won’t listen to them when he’s off the leash.

Advanced Obedience Training

Off-leash training creates a happier—and safer—situation for you and your pet. When your dog listens to your command to stay, instead of racing across the street to chase a squirrel, it could mean the difference between life and death. If basic obedience is like elementary school for dogs, advanced dog obedience training is like high school. Both are important. And what dog owner hasn’t dreamed of having their dog perform cute tricks? Advanced dog training includes tricks too. You can rely on us to teach your young or old dog new tricks! Enroll your canine in our Jacksonville dog school today.

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What Can You Expect from Advanced Dog Training?

• Off-leash Training – Assuming that you’re will follow a command off the leash without the proper training because they follow all the directions at home is a false sense of security. Ensuring that your pet can follow instructions on the leash is crucial before moving forward.
• Hand Signals – When you’re attempting to train from a distance, hand signals are going to be the best method for your dogs to comply. Your pet can only hear from so far so screaming “sit” from yards away isn’t going to tell your dog anything.
• Distance Instruction – Baby steps are the key in this portion. Setting your dog up for success is the easiest way to speed up the process and give your pet confidence to keep pushing. As you slowly move away, practice commands periodically.

One thing is for sure, the longer you hone in on a training aspect, the more effective it will be long-term. Rushing through the steps or skipping some because you think your dog is ready for the next stage is a premature decision that could counteract the positive behavior your pet has learned. Praise is a driving force in positive dog training. Positive reinforcement will let your dog know that he or she is making significant progress in their practice.

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What our Customers Say

My German Shepherd ‘Parker’ was having issues with dogs approaching him as well as strangers. He used to snap at other dogs and be protective of me and my girlfriend. We sat down with Travis and he explained the role we needed to play in Parker’s life in order to make him happy and not anxious, stressed, and reactive. We decided to enroll Parker into Doggy Boot Camp under Travis. When he was done with his dog training classes, Parker was genuinely a new dog. His commands were spot on and his problems were solved with showing our dog leadership and training him. Since then, Parker has done so well with other dogs approaching him and playing with them as well. People are able to pet him over his head and he allows for them to pet him tail wagging and all! Taking Parker to Travis was probably a life changing experience for me, my dog and my girlfriend. Our house is now calm and happy following Travis’ training and his applied knowledge. I highly recommend Travis and Unleash Fido to any dog owner who has trouble with training or any unwanted dog behavior.
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