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Basic Obedience in Jacksonville, Florida

With basic obedience training, a dog will learn how to comply with commands given by the handler.

Our Basic Dog Obedience Training Services

This training can be a lengthy process depending on the dog’s learning capabilities and requires continued reinforcement so your dog will retain what she has learned.

Obedience Training

We are a results-based training facility and primarily use operant conditioning which has been scientifically proven to be one of the best methods, since it’s based mostly on positive reinforcement. Some of the commands taught are: stay, sit, down, place, come, fetch, heel, and release. Basic obedience is important for every dog to develop. While it’s best to start young, obedience school can be started at any age. Contact Unleash Fido to find out more about dog obedience training in Jacksonville.

The Lesson Plans

Public Lessons – Having lessons with other dogs is a great way for group training. Dogs are innately pack animals, and if you incorporate dogs into packs earlier, it will teach them their roles in a pack much sooner. Our trainers are experts at establishing themselves as Alphas and leaders of the pack.

Private Lessons – Having Private Lessons are better for older dogs who haven’t been exposed to pack logic yet and might have problems with anxiety in public spaces. By working with them one-on-one, we will make a progressive and positive learning experience for your dog! Call today for special rates and prices!

There’s no reason to hesitate with teaching your dog about better behavior. To help make it easier, fill out the form below and get a free consultation. We will inform you about everything you need to do to keep your dog well behaved and happy.

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