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Dog Behavior Modification in Jacksonville, Florida

Behavior modification is a systematic process designed to change a bad behavior.

Our Dog Behavior Modification Services

If your dog is exhibiting distressing behaviors, such as jumping, counter surfing, aggression, separation anxiety, potty training issues, fear, digging, possessiveness, and destructive behaviors, he or she will benefit from this training.

More often than not, your furry friend’s behavior has a rhyme or reason and can be focused positively. Whether you have a 10-month-old puppy or a 6-year-old adult dog will determine the longevity of dog training. Our dog trainers know that if a specific behavior has developed into a habit, then an extensive dog behavior modification program will be needed but the end goal will be the same; establishing a clear leader-follower relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Correcting Troublesome Behavior

We determine the why, what, and when that may be triggering the troublesome behavior and apply the best professional techniques available to rehabilitate your dog. Our goal is to resolve it to the extent that your dog won’t require medication to alleviate bad behaviors. We believe that it is possible to retrain your beloved canine, address anxiety, and establish positive new habits. Get your dog set up for success with our dog behavior modification program! We’ve seen many successes in our dog training program at our dog training school in Jacksonville.

Problems at Home and Pack Behavior

• Are you experiencing problems with your dog? Are you having a difficult time with your pet at home? If you are facing anything from irrational behavior to acting out and tearing up furniture or valuables, then you might be experiencing some difficulty with your dog’s pack mentality. Practical dog training will help guide your furry friend into positively using that mentality.

• What is the pack mentality? Dogs, like people, are social creatures; they crave a pack mentality. When they are living with you, they do as they’re told, and in return, receive food and nourishment. When dogs don’t have that stable structure installed in the house and enforced by owners, they are more prone to act out and be restless.

• Why do dogs become restless and anxious? One of the problems that many dogs have is generational domestication. For example, many people might enjoy having terriers as pets because they’re fun and playful, but you could have terriers that, a few generations ago, were hunting rats in farmlands full-time.

When you have active pets that are acting against the rules they were bred to follow, they will typically get anxiety and restlessness. This has to do with them being incapable of performing the task, or it could be as simple as boredom in a home that doesn’t have any activities. Either way, behavior modification services can cut these problems down.

Tips for Owners to Use

Dogs can feel when people are anxious and nervous to be around them. Dogs that are met with a calm and relaxed demeanor will tell them that everything is okay and there is no reason to be aggressive and defensive. Set firm boundaries that can be maintained for the dog’s entire life. Simple rules like waiting near the front or back door before leaving or entering and some alpha dogs will need extra assistance in exuding all of their energy into productive play.

Dominant dogs need an outlet where they can focus their dominance productively. Setting up agility training allows your pet to release energy while also having a specific goal in mind. Going to a dog park and setting up cones or a track to run on will give them small tasks to complete and feel accomplished.

Do your research before you choose a trainer to help with your furry friend. Read testimonials online, consider the experience of the dog trainers, and ask the company any questions that you’re concerned about and see how they answer. You and your dog need an atmosphere that’s clean, friendly, and comfortable for maximum results.

Unleash Fido

We have dedicated ourselves to being one of the top dog training facilities within Jacksonville, Florida. Dogs deserve the utmost care through daycare and boarding when the owner is on vacation or if a family needs a more trained and obedient pet. Whatever the case, we have you and your dog covered. Our dog trainers have years of experience coupled with expert knowledge on effective dog training techniques. Fill out our application today to schedule a free consultation! We can get you started in the program right away.

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What our Customers Say

Dear Travis,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we have been with your training of our Leonberger Hamilton. Hamilton continues to respond to all verbal commands and is well on his way to being an excellent service dog for Maureen. Maureen and I researched breeds to determine the best for her needs and we choose the Leonberger for its many fine qualities. This is a large breed dog and we were aware that it doesn’t fully mature until it is two years old. We know that this was a challenge for you and you responded splendidly. At six to seven months old you were able to train him to pass the “canine good citizenship” certification, this in and of itself is an example of your outstanding talent and ability with our canine friends.

Thanks again for helping our family!

Dick, Maureen & Hamilton

Huge Mastiff Dog with a little boy
Dick, Maureen & Hamilton