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Dog Training Classes in Jacksonville, Florida

Dog Training Classes Jacksonville FLA well-trained and obedient dog can make a wonderful addition to any family and provide years of faithful companionship, but it generally takes a little work and dedication to instill these characteristics in a pet and arrive at a mutually beneficial relationship for them and their owners. Unleash Fido offers a dog school in Jacksonville, Florida, that will help enhance the bond between you and your furry friend and curtail behaviors and habits that may be causing trouble at home.

It is the goal of our professional trainers to teach dog owners more about the background and personality traits of their dog’s breed so they can better understand why they make act a certain way while at the same time developing a more well-behaved pet through dog obedience classes. Unleash Fido provides private lessons, behavior modification classes as well as group dog training classes that can significantly help in their socialization with other animals and people. Our group settings are great for any age and level of obedience.

Helping You and Your Furry Friend with Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes Jacksonville FLYou and your beloved dog may also benefit from our doggie boot camp or dog daycare services. For a period of time your pet will stay with us and be able to take advantage of our expertise one-on-one with a training specialist throughout the day. Doggie boot camp is useful for owners who don’t have a lot of time to attend sessions with their dogs or who want to give them extra practice while boarding them in a safe and fun environment.

Our effective dog training classes in Jacksonville will allow you to discover how pleasant life can be with your pet after unleashing all their potential for good behavior. Contact Unleash Fido today to learn more about the methods and tools we use to bring out the very best in a man’s best friend.

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