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Private Dog Training Lessons in Jacksonville, FL

Private lessons are an excellent alternative when your dog needs more personalized attention.

Our Private Dog Training Lessons

In these interactive lessons, you will learn how to take a positive leadership role while your dog will work on obedience and manners.

Private Lesson Benefits

You and your dog will learn to communicate more effectively, which will result in a happier and easier relationship for the two of you. In the dog private training at our Jacksonville dog school, we customize the format to adjust to the areas that need attention and give you effective tools to address specific behaviors in everyday life. Through dog training classes and behavior modification, we can help you help your furry friend to be his/her happiest and healthiest. We’ll spend as much time as you need on a specific subject. Multiple lesson discounts apply.

What Our Services Entail

Many dog owners will be concerned as to why they should bring their dog to private training instead of group training. While we recommend both, there are exclusive benefits your furry friend can receive from the dog private training lessons.

Training for Every Dog – Every dog, from young pups to old hounds have different teaching methods that work best on them. Sometimes new dogs pick up quick and could potentially skip the first few lessons of group dog training while older dogs might need integration.

Personalized Training – The one-on-one training means that we will develop a plan that will specifically get your dog to the ideal discipline in the fastest time. By working with us, your dog will have the fastest recovery and the quickest discipline than working exclusively with groups.

Integration to the Pack – Finally, many dogs who haven’t had a lot of pack integration from a young age will have a difficult time integrating into the pack that we are creating. But with private lessons, it’s easy for them to transition into this new dynamic.

dog after private dog training lessons

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What our Customers Say

I love Unleash Fido! Old dogs CAN learn new tricks! My dog Bandit is a 5 year old Border Collie. I rescued him in my final years of high school and have dragged him across the country with me. While my heart was in the right place, I wasn’t a very good pet owner. Bandit became aggressive to the point that I could not have him out while friends and family were over. He did not listen to any commands. He wasn’t even potty trained. After having my son I decided that something had to be done. Either he learned how to behave or he had to go. And who is going to want an old untrained mean border collie?
So off to boot camp Bandit went. Travis spent time with Bandit. Took him on “field trips” and took good care of my buddy. A month later my dog came back 10 times better. At that point Travis began to train me. He taught us how to maintain our dog and how to keep him happy. As we learned how to be good pet parents our furbaby has continued to improve. Bandit is absolutely wonderful now. I can have him around my baby. I can have friends over. He doesn’t use my home as a bathroom. I can take him to the beach. The improvement is AMAZING. If you are on the fence, let me help you off! If your dog harms someone you are liable. If your dog is disobedient it can cost you your dog. If your dog is destructive it will end up costing you a ton of money. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Unleash Fido. It feels great to be able to go out in public with your dog without any sort of anxiety.

Brittney, Sam, Caleb & Bandit

Brittney, Sam, Caleb & Bandit