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Private Dog Training Lessons in Jacksonville, FL

Private lessons are an excellent alternative when your dog needs more personalized attention.

Our Private Dog Training Lessons

In these interactive lessons, you will learn how to take a positive leadership role while your dog will work on obedience and manners.

Private Lesson Benefits

You and your dog will learn to communicate more effectively, which will result in a happier and easier relationship for the two of you. In the dog private training at our Jacksonville dog school, we customize the format to adjust to the areas that need attention and give you effective tools to address specific behaviors in everyday life. Through dog training classes and behavior modification, we can help you help your furry friend to be his/her happiest and healthiest. We’ll spend as much time as you need on a specific subject. Multiple lesson discounts apply.

What Our Services Entail

Many dog owners will be concerned as to why they should bring their dog to private training instead of group training. While we recommend both, there are exclusive benefits your furry friend can receive from the dog private training lessons.

Training for Every Dog – Every dog, from young pups to old hounds have different teaching methods that work best on them. Sometimes new dogs pick up quick and could potentially skip the first few lessons of group dog training while older dogs might need integration.

Personalized Training – The one-on-one training means that we will develop a plan that will specifically get your dog to the ideal discipline in the fastest time. By working with us, your dog will have the fastest recovery and the quickest discipline than working exclusively with groups.

Integration to the Pack – Finally, many dogs who haven’t had a lot of pack integration from a young age will have a difficult time integrating into the pack that we are creating. But with private lessons, it’s easy for them to transition into this new dynamic.

dog after private dog training lessons

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What our Customers Say

Dear Travis,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we have been with your training of our Leonberger Hamilton. Hamilton continues to respond to all verbal commands and is well on his way to being an excellent service dog for Maureen. Maureen and I researched breeds to determine the best for her needs and we choose the Leonberger for its many fine qualities. This is a large breed dog and we were aware that it doesn’t fully mature until it is two years old. We know that this was a challenge for you and you responded splendidly. At six to seven months old you were able to train him to pass the “canine good citizenship” certification, this in and of itself is an example of your outstanding talent and ability with our canine friends.

Thanks again for helping our family!

Dick, Maureen & Hamilton

Huge Mastiff Dog with a little boy
Dick, Maureen & Hamilton