Doggie Daycare, Boarding and Training for Jacksonville Pooches

Many dogs across the U.S. and the world have become used to their humans being at home during the pandemic. It has been like dog heaven for them. But now, as more of us are heading back to work, our dogs are once again home alone all day. Many are showing signs of loneliness, boredom and stress. But there’s an answer: Bring them to Doggie Daycare at Unleash Fido in Jacksonville.

Doggie Daycare

Your Dog Is Lonely

Dogs are pack animals, and as such, are not solitary. They enjoy company. Your dog may be able to derive sufficient companionship from another dog at home or even a cat. But if your dog doesn’t have a buddy at home, they will be lonely.

You know how happy it makes you to see how excited your dog is when you return home. But one of the reasons your dog is so excited is because they’ve been alone all day — sometimes as long as 10 hours.

If you have gone back to work after a long stretch of working from home, you may see evidence of your dog’s loneliness and stress. They might chew up items in the house, get into the trash or have accidents on the floor. Your neighbors might complain about having to listen to hours of barking or howling.

Doggie Daycare at Unleash Fido could be the answer to your problem.

Doggie Daycare Helps Sad Pups

Bringing your dog to Doggie Daycare provides them with the important social opportunities they need as a pack animal. Depending on your personal risk factors, you may have felt isolated during the pandemic as well, so you can imagine how your dog feels being alone so often.

Bringing your dog to Doggie Daycare allows them to interact with other humans and other dogs. They can run, play and tussle with the other dogs, and they love being petted by our Doggie Daycare attendants and receiving treats for being good. Simply being around others is a positive experience for your dog.

Dog Board & Train in Jacksonville

If you’re going out of town, you can leave your dog in our care overnight for as long as you need to. Our dog board and train program is perfect for dogs large and small.

Unleash Fido provides cage-free daycare and boarding, so your dog will be allowed to romp freely in open spaces. All our dogs are supervised by trained personnel at all times.

If you think your dog could benefit from a training refresher, we can provide that during their stay at our doggie boarding facility. The experienced dog trainers at Unleash Fido can quickly get your dog to remember how to obey the commands they learned but may have forgotten over time.

For the best in dog training, daycare, boarding and more in Jacksonville, Florida, contact Unleash Fido today.