Dog Trainers In Tampa, FL


Dog Trainers In Tampa, FL

Whether you want your puppy to learn basic manners or teach a grown canine new tricks and obedience training, Unleash Fido offers unmatched services for you and your pet. 


Our dog trainers in Tampa have years of experience and extensive knowledge of the best canine training methods. We have veterinary technicians who help look after your beloved pet’s welfare while in training, provide well-equipped and air-conditioned indoor training facilities and offer pampering parlor services.


Your dogs will be in good, nurturing hands at Unleash Fido.

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Unleash Fido in Tampa, Florida

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Dog Training in Tampa

We can help with addressing behavioral issues or simply getting your dog to respond to your commands or learn new tricks.


Our gifted, hardworking behavior specialists and dog trainers in Tampa are committed to helping owners and their pets build mutual trust and loyalty. Once that relationship is established, a pet canine’s obedience will naturally follow.


We offer the following dog training classes in Tampa:

Basic Obedience Training 

Get your dog to sit, stay down, come, follow (heel) and more on command.

Advance Obedience Training 

Ensure your pup listens to your commands even when off the leash.

Behavior Modification 

Correct destructive and troublesome behavior no matter how young or old your dog is.

Puppy Foundation

Strengthen your bond with your canine by starting them young on obedience and other skills development training.

Doggie Boot Camp

Let your canine get focused one-on-one training in the homes of our professional Tampa dog trainers and behavior specialists.

Private Lessons

Address specific behaviors and learn how to communicate better with your dog through our customized training sessions.


Give your beloved pooch a well-deserved vacation while you jet off and enjoy one yourself!

three bulldogs on leash with their owner

Contact us if you have questions about our dog obedience training in Tampa, other classes and services.


Dealing With Dog Behavior Issues

Many factors contribute to a dog’s behavior. Inherent personality, breed, health condition and past trauma or the lack thereof affect how a dog behaves and responds to his environment. Fortunately, it is possible to change a dog’s bad behavior with consistent training and trustful communication between the pet and its trainer. 

That’s what we do at Unleash Fido. We can help you with the following dog behavior issues:

  • Pulling on leash
  • Jumping up
  • Attention seeking
  • Nuisance barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Front door manners
  • Aggression toward people or other dogs
  • Toileting problems
  • Recall issues (not coming when called)
  • Chewing
  • Destruction
  • Play biting

Recognizing aggressive behavior versus playful nipping takes an expert eye. Moreover, it takes years of working with various breeds to know how to handle tense situations in which a stressed or scared dog might act violently. Our Tampa dog trainers possess the qualifications, experience and knowledge on how to address bad behavior in pet dogs. 




Enroll Your Dog at Unleash Fido

No matter how old, young, big, or small your dog is, he/she will benefit from our basic training, advanced skills training and dog obedience training in Tampa. Work with our dog-loving trainers to help your beloved pet reach his full potential.


We are happy to answer any questions about our training programs, pricing, requirements, etc. Get in touch with Unleash Fido today.


Unleash Fido has multiple training packages that can be tailored to your specific needs. We also offer package deals and discounts when you enroll two or more dogs in any of our training programs. For more details about pricing, please reach out to our representatives.
Call Unleash Fido or fill out our contact form and wait for a reply from one of our representatives. You may also visit our office in Tampa to discuss training programs suitable for your pet dog. Initial consultations with our trainers at Unleash Fido are FREE.
Start them young so they can get off on the right paw! We recommend enrolling a puppy at least 16 weeks old and at least one week after their second round of puppy shots.
Our trainers use textbook training methods like positive reinforcement, mirror training, and balanced training.  We are, however, flexible with training because we consider each dog’s temperament and conditioning. Moreover, our trainers continuously study and explore new training techniques.
Unleash Fido has been training canines since 2012. After more than a decade of conducting obedience training, behavior modification and other dog training classes in Tampa, hundreds of pet owners in the city can attest to our expertise.
Our doggie boot camp, is a three-to-five-week-long training program during which your dog will stay at our facility.
Each dog is unique and responds differently to training. Other factors like training frequency, the length of time between sessions and health conditions can also affect their pace of learning. After gradual and consistent training from our expert dog trainers in Tampa, many clients saw noticeable improvements in their dogs’ behavior in three to five weeks.
We work with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our experienced Tampa dog trainers can handle any dog.
Yes. We offer behavior modification training specifically for dogs that show aggression and stubbornness against their owners. It is an extensive program that seeks to change bad behavior and habits.
We have technicians on staff who conduct intake and outtake health and safety checks for every dog enrolled in our training classes.
Check out our Why Choose Us page for some feedback from our earlier clients.
Yes- Once a client, Always a client!  We are always available to answer any of your questions. We also offer a mini-bootcamp to refresh the training skills.