My Dog Nips. Do I Need a Dog Trainer?

The list of undesirable dog behaviors is quite long: chewing shoes and clothes, getting into the trash, eating the cat’s food, urinating on the floor, digging holes in the yard. These are all naughty behaviors that are definitely annoying, and we see lots of dog owners seeking help correcting these behaviors. But nipping is different. It’s dangerous, because it can be a precursor to biting. You need a dog trainer from Unleash Fido, with locations in Jacksonville and Tampa.

dog training for nipping

What Is Nipping?

Different types of behavior may be classified as nipping, but generally speaking, nipping is like a small bite. If your dog nips your arm, they don’t clamp down with their jaws, they just give you a quick nip.

This is common behavior in puppies who use their mouths to discover the world. While some people claim nipping is normal and OK for puppies, it really isn’t, and if you let your puppy nip you and your family members because you think it’s cute, this could lead to big problems later on.

The Dangers of Nipping

An adult dog’s teeth are sharp and their jaws are strong — even small dogs. If your dog is allowed to mouth and nip you when they are a puppy, the behavior will become a habit, and it will be harder to break as they get older.

Further, if you let them nip you, they likely will feel free to nip others as well, and those people may not be as tolerant of or enchanted with your dog.

Nipping can, unfortunately, quickly morph into biting. If your dog bites — or even nips — someone and breaks the skin, you’ll have a whole host of problems to deal with. These include possible quarantine for your dog to ensure they don’t have rabies, medical bills for the person who was bitten and perhaps even a lawsuit. In the most egregious situations, a court may require the dog to be euthanized.

Dog Training for Dogs Who Nip

The best thing to do for a dog who nips is to get them dog training right away. The dog trainers at Unleash Fido, with locations in Jacksonville and Tampa, can help your dog break their habit of nipping. We offer Behavior Modification classes for dogs with issues such as nipping.

For dog owners who want to maximize their time with a dog trainer and get as much benefit as possible, we offer Private Lessons. Private Lessons are also good for shy, timid dogs or dogs who don’t do well around other dogs.

If your dog is still a puppy, get them into Puppy Foundation classes, where you and your pooch will learn a great many important lessons from our dog trainers.

Whatever kind of problem or issue your dog may be having, the dog trainers at Unleash Fido can help. We have many years of experience, and we have never met a dog we couldn’t train! Contact us today for information about dog training, doggy daycare and dog boarding.