Pandemic Puppy? Get Dog Training at Unleash Fido.

Stuck at home for almost a year, many people have adopted dogs during the pandemic for companionship and to keep them busy. The team at Unleash Fido is thrilled that so many dogs have found homes. We also want to remind you that those dogs will need dog training, and you can depend on the professionals at our Jacksonville and Tampa locations for help.

What type of dog training does your dog need? It’s not always easy to tell right away, but our dog trainers have some advice for you.

dog training

Puppy Training

A puppy is like a clean slate — they haven’t learned anything yet, and it’s your job to teach them what you want them to know. Our Puppy Foundation classes can help with basic commands and socialization skills.

Basic Obedience

If you got your dog from a shelter, or even if you got them from a breeder, they may already know some commands. If they do, this is helpful, but you will still want to teach them the skills you want them to have. Plus, you may need to do a little bit of untraining. Our Basic Obedience dog training classes are perfect for dogs whose backgrounds are unknown.

Advanced Obedience

If your dog has all the basic commands down pat, it’s time to move on to Advanced Obedience. In this dog training class, dogs learn skills such as how to go off-leash safely and how to do tricks.

Private Lessons

Our Basic Obedience and Advance Obedience dog training classes are taught in group settings. However, not every dog is comfortable in a group, especially shelter dogs who may have some trauma in their past. Regardless of the reason your dog is shy or anxious around other dogs, rest assured it is not a problem at Unleash Fido, because we offer Private Lessons.

Behavior Modification

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our dogs continue to exhibit undesirable behaviors. These may include jumping, nipping, growling or destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture. Whatever type of undesirable behavior your dog is exhibiting, understand that the sooner you address it, the easier it will be to take care of. Especially with aggressive behavior, it’s best not to wait. Sign your dog up for Unleash Fido’s Behavior Modification classes.

Doggie Boot Camp

Unleash Fido’s Doggie Boot Camp (available only in our Jacksonville location) is a valuable hybrid of Doggie Daycare and dog training. Your dog will stay with our trainers all day, running and romping outdoors with other dogs while learning important skills. Regular skills reinforcement helps keep your dog on top of their game.

Dog Training at Unleash Fido

The dog trainers at Unleash Fido are here to help dog owners with pandemic puppies, adopted dogs and pedigreed pups. We can even teach old dogs new tricks! Contact us today for more information about dog training, or sign up online for a class.