Size Matters with Dog Training

Getting a new dog is so exciting because for most people, it’s like choosing a new member of the family. But this new family member comes with a lot of responsibilities, from finding a dog trainer to getting a new collar to puppy-proofing your house.

You may not think size matters when it comes to choosing a dog, especially if you’re getting your dog when they’re still a puppy. But size affects the method of dog training. Luckily for many Tampa and Jacksonville residents, Unleash Fido is ready to help you train any size dog, from Mastiffs to Chihuahuas.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about dog training when you’re thinking about what size dog to get:

dog training

1. How you look to your dog

It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget that to small dogs, you are a giant, looming presence during dog obedience training. Often, they seem so cute and happy that it’s hard to imagine that they can be scared of us. But sometimes it can be helpful to kneel down to seem less intimidating if your small dog seems to be especially anxious or is not catching on quickly during training.

On the flip side, it’s important to remember that larger dogs might have access to areas that smaller dogs don’t, like your pockets. This could possibly distract them if you keep treats in your pocket when you’re trying to train them. To avoid problems in this area, you may want to purchase a fanny pack that you can keep up a little higher on your body to store treats in.

2. There is such a thing as too many treats during dog training

Treats are a great form of reward during dog obedience training that will keep your dog interested and wanting to learn. However, small dogs have small stomachs, which means that you can easily overfeed your puppy if you give them too many treats during training.

Try using treats that correspond to your pup’s size, and they’ll stay interested without overeating.

3. Participating in puppy training will be a huge help

For any size of dog, it’s important not to skip puppy training, because you’ll regret it later on when they become difficult to manage. Especially big dogs become much harder to control as they get older and more powerful, so giving them a strong foundation on the basics of obedience early will help your pooch be a thriving member of your happy, healthy family.

Whether you’re a first-time or a longtime dog owner, it’s important that you understand all the aspects of the job, including how your dog’s size affects their training. For help with training any size of dog, turn to Unleash Fido in Tampa and Jacksonville — we will help you get on the right track.