Taking Your Pup on Vacation: Do You Need Dog Training?

Summer is finally here, and if you’re like everyone else who lived through the past year, you need a vacation. But with a dog that feels like part of your family, especially after a year of work-from-home quality time together, it can be tough to look into those sad, sweet eyes and say, I’m leaving. Luckily, you have options. Whether your dog is ready to hop in the car for a road trip or needs to brush up on their manners first with some dog training in Jacksonville from Unleash Fido, this guide can help you figure out how to be a good dog owner on vacation.

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Does My Dog Need Dog Obedience Training in Tampa Before We Go on Vacation?

Although bringing your dog on vacation with you sounds like fun, it can easily become a disaster if your dog isn’t as well-trained as they could be. Be honest with yourself when assessing your dog’s behavior. Do they know basic commands? Are they socialized to respond well to new people or dogs, especially in new environments? If not, your vacation will most likely be stressful for you, your dog and the people around you.

If your dog isn’t quite vacation-ready, the team at Unleash Fido’s dog board-and-train service in Jacksonville will look after your dog and train them at the same time so that they’ll be ready to tag along the next time you want to travel.

At Unleash Fido, we have a friendly, professional dog boarding program in Jacksonville and we offer a refresher course for boarding dogs that have already trained with us. Additionally, you can send your dog to Doggie Boot Camp, where Unleash Fido’s professionals will work with your dog on manners and obedience.

My Dog Is Ready to Go on Vacation! What’s Next?

Your dog should be up to date on all their vaccinations before you leave for vacation. Bring documentation with you in case any establishments you wish to enter want proof of vaccinations before letting your dog in. Your pet should also be free of fleas and other pests.

Next, think about how you’ll be traveling. Most vacationing dog owners will opt to drive, as most buses, trains, planes and boats have restrictions and additional fees. Driving is also likely more comfortable and enjoyable for your dog, as you can make stops as frequently as you’d like.

If you do opt to drive, do so while your dog’s stomach is empty — dogs can and will get carsick. Also, just like people, dogs get bored on long car rides. In addition to making regular stops, keep your dog entertained with toys and games. Finally, plan to go to places that allow dogs, and expect additional fees.

Bringing your dog on vacation requires careful planning and extra packing, but if done properly, you will create memories with your furry best friend that will stay with you both forever. Send your dog to Unleash Fido today for dog training in Jacksonville to ensure your dog is travel-ready.