What Kind of Collar Is Best for Your Dog?

When you get a new dog, there are a multitude of things to think about, from choosing the right dog trainer to puppy-proofing your house. One more thing to remember is that you need to find the right collar and leash for your dog. At Unleash Fido in Tampa and Jacksonville, our dog training experts can help you figure out what will work best for you and your dog.

Collars are the one item that your dog will wear all the time, so if you have the wrong one, it can be difficult for you to have the best possible relationship with “man’s best friend.” Additionally, the right leash makes walks with your pooch much easier.

dog training collars

Standard Flat Collar

A standard flat collar is the most typical kind, and it’s the one you see on most dogs around Tampa and Jacksonville. They are usually made out of nylon or leather, and have either a buckle or snap closure.

For many dogs, these are ideal, but for some dogs — especially sighthounds — they are not good because they may to slip out of them.

Martingale Collar

A martingale collar is a great alternative to the standard flat collar. It has a large loop and another, smaller loop as well, so that if your dog pulls while you’re out walking or tries to slip the collar off, it collar will simply tighten — but without choking them.

However, it is still not recommended that you leave your dog unsupervised with this collar on, so be vigilant.

Standard Leash

A standard leash is perfect for most dogs. You should, however, choose a leash length and heft that makes sense for your dog.

Smaller dogs will likely need a lighter leash than a larger dog would. Try to choose a leash with great reviews and that makes sense within your budget.

Go Off-Leash with Advanced Dog Training

Many owners dream of being able to walk their dog off-leash. And for many, that is a possibility. However, you should not do this without having taken your dog all the way through Advanced Dog Obedience Training first. Luckily, Unleash Fido has great dog trainers ready to help you and your furry friend reach this goal.

We understand that having a dog can sometimes be as stressful as it is fun. That’s why it’s important that you research dog care and supplies before making choices. Unleash Fido is here to help you make the right decisions. Our two Florida locations make it easy for anybody in Tampa or Jacksonville to get the training their dogs deserve. Contact us today to learn more.