When Should Your Dog Obedience Training Include Behavior Modification?

Even though we all love our dogs, sometimes a dog develops a behavior that requires a form of dog training called behavior modification. Unleash Fido has dog trainers who can teach many forms of dog obedience training, including behavior modification, to dog owners in Tampa and Jacksonville.

It can be hard to know when your dog or puppy training should include behavior modification techniques, but here are a few behaviors that might require it.

  1. Jumping: Jumping is sometimes considered cute when dogs are puppies, but can become difficult to handle when dogs get bigger. You may need dog training to break them of this unwelcome habit.
  1. Separation Anxiety: While owner and dog should have a special connection, a dog with separation anxiety can be destructive. They may damage furniture, howl, scratch or wreak havoc in your home in another way. Unleash Fido’s dog trainers can alleviate these concerns through dog or puppy training, and keep your property safe from your furry friend.
  1. Counter Surfing: Dogs obviously love food, but sometimes that love can get a little out of hand. There’s nothing worse than spending your evening making a chicken, then having that chicken get eaten by an unintended guest. This habit of snatching people food is called counter surfing, and can be dangerous for your dog as well as annoying to you. Unleash Fido can provide dog training that will keep your dog and your food safe.
  1. Potty Training Issues: There can be many potty training issues that can extend beyond the normal challenges. Maybe your dog is soiling one area of the house continually, maybe they pee whenever they meet a new person or maybe they just won’t tell you when they need to go out. These issues can be aggravating, but they are not unfixable. Through behavior modification, a dog trainer can work with you to keep your carpets safe.
  1. Digging: There are many reasons dogs dig, from genetics to wanting to find a den, to stress relief. Although digging is natural for your dog, if they dig excessively, it can damage property or be a nuisance in public spaces like parks. If your dog is excessively digging, behavior modification through dog obedience training like can help curb the issue.

While we will always love our furry friends, it is important that they act appropriately in a way that conforms to your needs and requirements. Jacksonville and Tampa dog owners trust Unleash Fido to deliver the best in dog and puppy training. If your dog needs behavior modification, contact Unleash Fido for a free consultation and to find out what training class will best meet their needs.