Which Type of Dog Training is Better: Private or Group Lessons?

When it comes to dog training, there can be a lot of unknowns. Most people understand that they need to get dog training, but where and how can be harder to figure out. Luckily for Tampa and Jacksonville dog owners, the “where” is no worry with Unleash Fido. Unleash Fido’s expert dog trainers will help you and your dog become best friends. But the “how” can still be tricky.

One aspect of dog training that many people are confused about is whether they should get one-on-one or group dog training. Unleash Fido offers both, so take a look at a few benefits of both options.

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Pro of Private Dog Training: It’s More Specific to Your Dog

No dog is exactly the same as another. Here at Unleash Fido, we know that only too well, and that’s part of why we offer Private Dog Training Lessons.

These lessons are specifically adapted to the needs of you and your dog. You won’t have to ever work on something that you feel your dog already understands or something you don’t think that you need. We will work together on behavior modification, off-leash training and any other specific issues you want to address with your dog. Choose Private Dog Training for maximum flexibility.

Pro of Group Dog Training with Others: Your Dog Will Learn Socialization Skills

There’s nothing worse than taking your dog to the dog park and feeling like you have to apologize for their behavior.

A dog may behave poorly because they simply aren’t used to being around other dogs. This won’t happen if you choose to train your dog in a public session.

Whether it’s behavior modification or advanced obedience training, dogs trained in groups will develop an understanding of how to act around other dogs, and that is important. Busy metropolitan areas like Tampa and Jacksonville are filled with dogs and dog owners, and with proper training, you will not be worried about what will happen when your dog meets others.

Pro of Private Dog Training: It’s Faster

Because of the specialized nature of one-on-one lessons, private dog training tends to yield results faster than other forms of dog training.

It can be hard living day in and day out with a dog who repeats the same difficult behaviors. That’s when private dog training can really come in handy.

Because of the specialized time with the dog trainer, your dog will more quickly come to understand what they need to be doing and what they were doing wrong before. If your main goal with dog training is to get fast results, then one-on-one is probably the right choice for you.

Dog Training from Unleash Fido

When it comes to dog training, choice is key. Nobody wants to feel like they don’t have options, especially when they know their dog better than anyone else. That’s why so many Tampa and Jacksonville dog owners turn to Unleash Fido for help. Unleash Fido has expert dog trainers that work tirelessly for you and your dog.

Whether it’s private lessons or group lessons, you and your dog can’t do better than Unleash Fido.